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I Help

Thrive With 
Equity, Inclusion, 
and Diversity.

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Dr. Pashang has extensive front-line experience with diverse populations as well as policy and academic expertise in offering Research, Workshops, Training, and Mentoring services. Depending on the needs of organizations she can work individually or collaborate with a team of experts in offering the following training services.


Listen to Dr. Pashang's interview on The Law Garage Podcast, where she discusses the stresses experienced by litigators and the importance of mental health in the legal profession. 


Learning is a lifelong journey

​It entails actively and willingly engaging in dialogue to learn, share, and grow. A lifelong journey requires a space to collaborate, and a personal/political commitment to recognize and eliminate barriers that silence certain voices. The goal is to promote equity and enhance sociopolitical and economic inclusion, and active participation.  

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Dr. Pashang is Committed to


Diversity & ​Inclusion


Critical Thinking


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